• Please keep our public spaces tidy and clean.

• You may use erasable markers on your office’s glass. Please do not write on the sticker’s side as it won’t come off.

• Please clean up after yourself when finishing with
a meeting room and re-arrange the room.

• When booking a meeting room, arrive few minutes earlier to make sure it’s free.

• If there is someone else at the meeting room on the time you booked it, kindly ask the other Merker to leave.

• Please make sure your visitors call you at their arrival to Merkspace

• When expecting guests, please make sure to accompany them from the entrance.

• Our front doors must remain closed at all times for your security & safety. When entering & leaving Merkspace please beware that the door behind you is closed.

• Do not let strangers in. Let the visitors call those they are planned to meet.

• Keep your private office locked when you are not there.



• We are dog friendly and allow Merkers with private offices to bring their dog along. Open space members cannot bring their dog along.
• If your dog is barking and disturbing others you will not be allowed to bring him/her.
• In case you are a private office Merker and choose to bring your dog with you, please make sure to put a leash on when walking at the public areas.
• Please make sure to take your dog for a walk on time, make sure your dog is clean and smells nicely



• Your community manager will collect post mail
for you. Please make sure to specify our address + Merkspace on it.

• Messenger deliveries are not allowed to enter Merkspace. Please make sure they call you and meet the messengers at the entrance.

• Only members that have the mail-services included in their plan are entitled for mail pickup services. In anyways, members are not allowed to order such deliveries that can put the company in any exposure and or order substances that are not allowed within the Merkspace buildings.

• Open Space Merkers, please tidy up and clean after yourselves. Arrange the chairs and throw away any trash.

• Be considerate to other Merkers and keep quiet at the corridors and at the open space areas.

• Occasionally we will be hosting meetups and happy hours at the open space area. Please follow the event’s schedule and plan accordingly.

• Phone booths are here for you to have your private phone calls without disturbing others. please use them and do not disturb other Merkers. Open space members must use the phone booths for calls.

• Please make sure your team or visitors are not too loud at the meeting rooms. It’s important not to disturb other Merkers. If they are too loud, please make sure to kindly ask them to lower their volume.

• At your private office, you may listen to music as long you do not disturb other Merkers.

• Cleaning services are provided. If your office is not clean enough, please let your community manager and we will take care of that.



• In order not to break the milk foamer please clean it right after the usage.

• We have common refrigerators, please do not eat food that is not yours.

• Please wash your dishes after using them.

• Every Friday after noon we clean up the refrigerator. If there is anything you would like to keep, please put a sticker with your name and date on. All other things will be thrown away.

• Please make sure to clean the kitchen after making coffee.



• Key cards are personal. Make sure not to lose them. In case you do, please inform your community manager right away.

• If you lose your key card you will be charged a 12
Euros fee or 50 NIS for replacing a new one.



• Each office gets 1 door key. In case you need more, please duplicate it.

• When ending your stay at Merkspace you are required to vacant your office no later than 17:00 on the last day of the month of your membership and return keys & entering cards to your community manager. If your last day is Saturday/Friday please vacant your office on Thursday in Tel Aviv or Friday in Amsterdam.• Once you are not a Merker anymore, your keys are not valid.

• If you will not vacant your office as specified, our team will do so and you will be charged
a fee at our discretion.


• Anti-Tobacco policy applies inside all of the Merkspace buildings, lobby, offices, open space, corridors, meeting rooms and inner public areas. Smoking and or consuming Tobacco at Merkspace is prohibited.


• Please let your community manager if your
team sized has changes, who are the new Merkers
(or who are those who are no longer with us)

• If your personal info changes, please update your community manager.


• If you want your logo on your office door please email your community manager and send your logo as a vector PDF, width size 40cm.


• The termination must be written by mail, and not longer than the last day of the month following the month during which the termination notice was given. Which means current + one month.

• Notifications & Community

• Please read our emails and updates on the Merkspace app. Take part in our activities, community gathering, use our mentors, network and attend to our workshops.


• Since we are a coworking space, please respect others and avoid private gatherings at the open space. If there is an important event that you would like to host, please contact your community manager for getting a written permission to hold that event.

Employees’ of Merkapace house rules


• We are a big family that works together for reaching the Merkspace goals! as an employee of the company you are expected to be a real team member, help your colleagues, ask for help in written from your managers if needed – you are here to learn, grow and develop while entitled to perform your role and reach goals.


• The employees of Merkspace are not allowed to get any personal deliveries inside the Merkspace buildings as long as there is no written prior approval by the company’s director and in anyways not such that can put the company in any exposure.


• The employees at Merkspace are expected to preform the Merkspace’s culture. Always say yes for someone who needs your help. Be positive. Keep it professional. Socialize and enhance the value of the community. Be an entrepreneur within your role. You are here to make a positive change on the our community’s work habits. You have a great impact – use it wisely. You are a role model within the community and you are the face of Merkspace, hence, you are prohibited to act against our policy and must behave by the house rules.


• All the employees of Merkspace are committed to keep information confidentially, especially when concerning mentors’ list, startups, investors, crm and financial information. Employees that breach the confidentiality protocol will be dismissed automatically.


• Anti-Tobacco policy applies inside all of the Merkspace buildings, lobby, offices, open space, corridors, meeting rooms and inner public areas. Smoking and or consuming Tobacco at Merkspace is prohibited. An employee who will act this way will be dismissed automatically.

• The employees of Merkspace are responsible for keeping the house rules within the staff and the members. The staff is not allowed to consume any harmful or shady substances within the workplace and is not allowed to provide such substances to the members, guests or other colleagues. This applies to any type of drug, harmful substance or Tobacco. An employee who will act this way will be dismissed automatically.