This week’s “Meet the Merker” interview article is dedicated to an amazing start-up company from Karlibach named Easy-Send, a young and dynamic company established to streamline large companies and organizations by developing customized digital solutions tailored for use from any computer and mobile phone.

We interviewed Omer Shirazi, co-founder of Easy-Send.

Q: How did it all start?

A: A few years ago I and Tal, the CEO, worked as Service representatives in a company named Elman. We noticed there is a big issue with clients to pass forms to Investment firms, Tal was involved with the management in Elman and they gave him a project- bring an outside company to create a digital change there. Tal and I decided to create it on our own, we programmed something small and they hated it, so we improved it and it was a process but they liked it in the end. The idea was very obvious, the need was there but no one managed to wrap it in one good product.

Q: What obstacles did you have on the way?

A: Our most significant issues were technical, not Tal nor I were amazing programmers, and I’m an accountant. We used to spend hours thinking how to solve issues without figuring it out. I remember the first days, it was horrible everything was such a mess, the signatures were invisible, and it was awkward because we were supposed to guide our friends at work how to use the product, it was really bad. Slowly but surely we grew into a good product, Tal left the company and I followed and we decided to take it to the next level and become a start-up. Then we decided to add my big brother into the company who is an amazing programmer he solved all of our issues in a few minutes.

Q: How many workers work at Easy-Send?

A: At the moment we have 12 employees, 7 of them sit with us in Merkspace and we are looking to expand into a second room.

Q: Did you ever feel like giving up?

A: With Easy-Send no… We were sure of it from the start.

Q: What character traits do you feel is most important to you as a team member?

A: Loyalty is very important for us, so does open-minded people. Most of our employees were not big programmers before joining the team, but we notice they have good personality and passion and it overruled the experience.

Q: Are the team members friends outside of work too? Do you guys hang out?

A: We are very good friends, the dynamic is great between us, just yesterday we went to a bar after work because we finished early (21:30). It is a little more problematic to hang out during the weekend, some of us are married and we do have other friends too but we sure love to go out together when possible.

Q: Where do you see the company in 5 years?

A: Oh this is a hard question, I will reply for where I see the company in one year. I assumed we will have 40-50 employees, we will work with companies overseas.

Q: Why Merkspace?

A: At first we didn’t look at any other companies, we did look after we signed here, but we decided to stay with Merkspace, it feels like home we got attached to the place and the treatment we get here.  Everything we need we have someone to talk to about it, we don’t need to worry about anything, coffee, electricity, wifi, water bills, cleaning services property tax, it’s amazing everything we need we receive.