We are so excited to launch our first ever “Meet the Merker” column! This is a great opportunity for all of us to get to know our neighbors!

This week, kick-starting this tradition will be Hyfit which has just launched a mass mobilization campaign on the PipelBiz recruitment platform.


Hyfit develops a sophisticated fitness product and a dedicated application that offers the participants immediate feedback on the quality of their training in real time. Furthermore, the product and app enable trainers to enjoy a smarter product at a more attractive price from any point on the globe!

Guy Bar CEO and Co-Founder of Hyfit was generous enough to share his time and tell us more about who they are and what they do in a quick interview!

Q: How did Hyfit start?

A:  about 3 years ago, when I was a soldier, I was working with sport equipment like TRX and more. I love sport and working out, and as a soldier in Shiryon I didn’t have time to work out as I wanted to, TRX straps enabled me to work out anywhere I wanted, and this is what gave me the passion for it. I tried many things, always small businesses and different sport equip that I sold to people. I used to walk and knock on doors and sell my small products but I failed. I thought about quitting after losing a lot of money, I was hurt and never thought I will try again. While travelling, I realized how strong my passion to sport equipment is. When I was in Germany working with someone who taught me how to run a business, I decided to write a book over it, how to do it right. One day the electricity in my hotel crashed and I was in the dark with nothing to do, and then it hit me- I am going to invent a sport equipment. The idea I had in mind was not an electronic equip by then, it developed later.

Q: once the idea hit you, what did you do?

A: Well, I told a friend about it and he thought it was an awesome idea, excited as I was on my 22nd birthday I booked a flight from Germany to London, I was waiting in Starbucks for 4 hours to see the guy I was working with while I was writing my book, he ignored my calls and I had to find him to tell him about my idea, worse birthday ever. When he saw me on Starbucks his face said it all, he had a smile on his face, and he saw something in me telling him we are going to be the real deal together.

Q: what was the process of working?

A: Once he realized we are going to be partners he invested a lot of money in the company, it was not a smart device just yet, this idea came much later into work progress when I realized that for this to be the big next thing, it has to be smart.

Q: did you ever think about having a degree or studying anything?

A: Yes I did want to study, I remember calling and asking about courses in many areas. I believed in myself, but I always felt like I need a plan B. in the end I just decided to go with the product and believe in it.

Q: Did you ever get “no” on the progress?

A: I arrived at Vingate, telling them about an equipment I just invented in England. I asked them to rate it from 1-10. Someone just drew a huge 0 on his page. It wasn’t pleasant. I smiled when everyone else was panicking. I told them “well this is only our que to find something else to do, they told us what not to do, now we can learn from it”. This is how we realized the product needs to be smart and from then on this is what we did.

Q: tell me about the crew

A: We started 3 people. Me and 2 of my best friends from England. Slowly we grew with people from Israel, a marketing lady, Ronit Marom she did an amazing job, then we joined to Tamir Nave who helped us on the tech development, and Dudi Ashkenazi in UX UI.

Q: How do you define a good team member?

A: A good team member is someone I can see in his eyes the passion for the product and that he is not a quitter. If I get the feeling one of the team members is not fully into it I can’t have him as a member, sadly as it is. I need qualified members, but it is less important to me than the passion and love for the product.

Q: Why Merkspace?

A: In the end, what an entrepreneur needs is the connection to others. Merkspace gave us the opportunity to be exposed to more people, more action, more places. When we first stepped into Merkspace, you gave us something when we didn’t even ask for it. We received a month on trial no payment need. On our first day of the trial you told me I’m going on a trip to China in 2 weeks because I sit next to another company in Merkspace. I flew to Hong-Kong and got a huge deal from it. A lot happened here since then, things I even got to forget, connections, investors, the team that helped us and networking I couldn’t get anywhere else. This is the real magic.