The first “Meet the Merkers” got us so happy we had to do it again! We are so happy about this launch and that you enjoy it too!

This week, we picked a super special start-up, named “ArtRunners”. This start-up founded in 2015 by a team of experienced art collectors, registrars and researchers who shared the vision to build a one-stop online shop for global art logistics services – for a faster, more e client and environmentally friendly art logistics industry.

Q: What are your main challenges?

A: The current industry is fragmented and inefficient. Our challenge is to harness the Internet to instantaneously connect clients and service providers anywhere in the world. With the help of our growing supporter community, we have completed development of our global online shipping marketplace. We are part of an ongoing logistics revolution but are serving a unique niche with a sizable, underserved market.


Q: You all seem like really close friends, is there something you do outside of work hours?

A: Other than working in the regular office hours, we like to make jokes together.


Q: Anything special you like in Merkspace?

A: We love the Happy Hour because it is a chance to step out of the office, meet our neighbors, share ideas and relax before the weekend.


Q: Why Merkspace?

A: We chose Merkspace because they understood our vision, and what we need as a start-up. The Community Manager is constantly taking care of all our needs, and connecting us with relevant players.


Q: Where do you see “ArtRunners” in 5 years?

A: In 5 years, we will be running the company hopefully from London and be expanding our work globally to other fields of logistics, and other valuable products.


Thank you so much for your time ArtRunners and good luck in everything you do!